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Two locations that couldn't differ more.
(Top)  Grytviken, a former whale-fishing island in South Georgia.
(Bottom) The Hunderdwasser Museum in Vienna.

A challenge/ assignment to design a 'camouflage' for these two places so you get the abbility to be one with them.
Grytviken is a research island where you are only allowed to stay after an extensive screening to participate in a study. The limit is 12 people and a psychological and medical test must show whether you are able to stay there for an at least 6 months recidence. You have to be become one with the environment and basicaly allow yourself to be absorbed in it.
Hence a self-made (semi) transparent material that reflects the environment. The model has been made very agile, making it more dazzling.

Hundertwasser determined the shape for both dresses. Although Grytviken was about the underlying thoughts of the island, Hundertwasser is a literal translation. The design of the garment and pattern are based on the shapes and colors of the building. I illustrated the pattern and had it printed on a canvas, after which I realized it into a wearable dress. How nice would it be to blend in so well with the decor you can enjoy the beauty of this place in peace.

Pictures by Maud Kaelen
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