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Graphic design    -    Interior design/styling    -    Illustrations    -    Art

As a creative, I believe the power of a design begins with a deep understanding of the brand, via meaningful conversations and executed with remarkable passion & love.

With a good sense for colour, design and aesthetics, I deliver designs from Logos to product packaging, printed matter such as business cards and posters and illustrative work where necessary and desired. With unique design I achieve the best results both on commission and on my own initiative.
Next to being a graphic designer I also create interior styling in which I try to find the best solutions for a space and it's existing chalanges. These styling are digital mock-ups in which the potential of a room is visualized.

Publications and Expositions

Okt. 2019 - Deelnemer DDW
sep - nov 2020- Stage bij Zyanya Keizer
Jul. - 2021 - Afgestudeerd aan MAFAD
Jul. - 2021 - Expositie op MAFAD
Sep. 2021 - Expositie bij Glo Art Lanaken
Okt. 2021 - Gepubliceerd in Studies in Textiel
Nov. 2022 - Counsellor art project students
Jan. 2023 - Exposition CMill Heerlen
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