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Graphic design    -    Interior design/styling    -    Illustrations    -    Art

Designs that excel in imagination, composition, color, contrast, quality, and uniqueness. Each project showcases these strengths, ensuring distinctive and high-quality results that stand out and make an impact.

Publications and Expositions

Okt. 2019 - Deelnemer DDW
sep - nov 2020- Stage bij Zyanya Keizer
Jul. - 2021 - Afgestudeerd aan MAFAD
Jul. - 2021 - Expositie op MAFAD
Sep. 2021 - Expositie bij Glo Art Lanaken
Okt. 2021 - Gepubliceerd in Studies in Textiel
Nov. 2022 - Counsellor art project students
Jan. 2023 - Exposition CMill Heerlen
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