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Digital simulation for a new interior in an office with an echo problem. I created a styling with additional furniture, as well as custom floor to ceiling wall-panels with sound absorbing material. The are a creative solution that are less overwhelming then paintings.
Digital simulation for  a new interior including: photo shopping several wall colours, wrapping the fireplace with stone, creating a solution for the echo with wood panels in multiple places.
Digital simulation for  a new interior. With the huge amount of brown furniture this client has this was definitely a challenge. I searched for complimentary colours and edited a couple on the walls, as well as colours they were afraid to try and would love to see just top know. Unsure of what colour couch they should chose I changed the colour of the original one for them to give an idea (they requested a shade of brown) Personally when a client is a bit afraid of colour I love to keep some of the walls natural and add colour by adding some paintings. They are easy to replace or swap in case you would like something new or change your mind.
This is interior styling is one I absolutely loved. The client let me choose whatever, after asking them some questions about preferences. They bought great new furniture and needed the rest of the living room to look equally as good. I choose some daring colours that would look good with the furniture and the solution I choose for door behind the couch. also I added in the blinds they ordered, new lamps and some art. For the DIY tapestry to hide the door (a rent friendly technique) I added instructions how to create it and links to every other product I used.
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