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Security, the name for the feeling of feeling safe and secure. This feeling is often related to a certain environment or person(s).
The subject and theme for this project has had many names and descriptions such as melancholy, travel and memories. So it is a difficult thing for me. I have a feeling that I don't know what it is or what causes it. I try to imagine and name this in the hope of explaining it. What I do know is that it is completely based on memories that are all made up of different aspects. There are vivid memories of fifteen years of summer vacation in France, full of colour, scent and emotions. But also memories of holidays when I was young, only a warm feeling is left and is no more than a line pattern that I lead back to architecture, here I am talking about Rome twelve years ago.
The making process and figuring out the feeling go hand in hand. I try to translate memories that I have and to reflect on them what their impact/influence is on me.


Pages of my procesbook


We are triplets, twenty-one years old, and all three at some sort of the same point in our lives. We are thinking about moving out of the house, our interests and priorities are slowly diverging and we are dating, of course. Somewhere in me I have the fear that because of corona we will waste the last few years we have together because we can't leave the house. In my view, very soon the scenario will arise where we will all leave the house, have a relationship and a job, leaving us with no time to make memories like we did before the pandemic. And quite frankly, that makes me sad. If I could, I would put our lives on hold and only resume when it's all over. Unfortunately this is not possible so the best I can do with it is make it something that will remind us of the good times and the feeling of security.

My goal is to translate the memories into materials. Colour, smell, image, feeling will be converted into tactile textile objects. In order to properly translate the wealth of memories and images, I need a wide variety of materials such as silk, wool, epoxy and acrylic paint. The choice of materials will become apparent as the project progresses. The combinations and contrasts between the materials will make the image interesting. The final product envisioned is three blankets, each representing its own location. To me, blankets are a metaphor for the feeling of security. A textile object that gives a feeling of comfort and safety. A long memory like my childhood home will become a thick blanket that is heavy and warm. A fleeting memory like Rome will be a blanket as thin as a double layer of silk. Supple, soft and light in weight, not loaded with a lot of emotions, impressions and images.

I chose 'UNDER THE WEIGHT OF' as the title because the end result in mind will be blankets that you turn over and are (heavily) charged with emotions. The more emotions, the heavier the blanket due to the amount of material and filling.

Close-ups and details
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